How to add Google Play books to your iPad

Download and read Google Play eBooks on your iPad in just 5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Set up a Gmail account

In order to download books from Google Play you need to have a Gmail account. Google will associate all of your eBook downloads with that account. If you don’t have a Gmail account go the website page:

Step 2: Go to Google Play Books

You can access this page through the link: On top right hand corner you will see a link to sign in to with your Gmail account.

Step 3: Read the book Sample

Some of the books on Google Play offer free samples that you can read. If this option is available just click on the “Free Sample” button. If you want to download the sample to your iPad, go to the bottom right hand corner of the page and click the “ADD SAMPLE TO MY BOOKS” link.

Step 4: Purchase your eBook

If you want to purchase the purchase the book, click on the Buy button. Google Play will then prompt you to add your credit credit card information to Google Wallet. You also have the option of paying through PayPal. After your credit card information is approved your book will be downloaded to your account.

Step 5: Download the free Google Play Books app on your iPad

Turn on your iPad and go to the App Store. Search for "Google Play Books" and then download the app. When you first open up the app you will be asked for your Gmail account. Add your Gmail account and then go to “My Library”. All downloaded books will now show up in your library.